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Let's Know the Bible: This short Cyber Center video underscores the message of Mark's GospelOther issues of authorship, discipleship, Jesus' messiahship, and suggested commentaries for further study are also noted. See also the article: "Defining the Titles Christ and Son of God in Mark's Narrative Presentation of Jesus"
Let's Know the Bible: This short Cyber Center video underscores, in a single and concise sentence, the message of Hebrews. Other issues of authorship, the warning passages, and suggested commentaries for further study are also noted. See also the article "Psalm 45-6-7 and Its Christological Contributions to Hebrews."
Cyber-Center for Biblical Studies: A One-Year Commemoration. The Cyber-Center for Biblical Studies celebrates its one-year anniversary. This video reflects on where the Cyber-Center has been over the past year and anticipates future publications and video productions that will continue to serve as a resource center for pastors and students preparing for ministry.
The Pastor's Survival Guide: The Cyber-Center for Biblical Studies presents another in the series a "Pastor's Continuing Education" featuring Pastor Scott Barger and Pastor Aaron Peer. Scott and Aaron, co-hosts of "The Pastor's Survival Guide," share several memorable stories from their podcast that focuses attention on everyday issues of everyday pastors.
A Pastor's Study beyond the Sermon: Frequently, pastors do more than just study to prepare for weekly sermons. Pastor Tim Sprankle is one of those pastors. This video features Pastor Sprankle shares a paper he wrote entitled "The Inconspicuous Adam," presented at the Midwest Regional Meeting of  the Evangelical Theological Society, and scheduled for publication at the end of the month. See what he has to say about his article "The Inconspicuous Adam" and more importantly why he wrote it. Pastor Sprankle's article is posted as a free download on this page.

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2014 Fall Conference

Do you know God's Big Picture?

Want to expand your understanding of the Bible? 


Be looking for a four part series of videos of the conference to be posted here beginning in October along with a Conference Booklet.





eBooks for Translating the New Testament

Translating Jude Clause by Clause: An Exegetical Guilde guides a person in translating Jude from Greek into English. To purchase a hardcopy or eBook go to Amazon. For a description of the book, see
Translating Jude Clause by Clause


YouTube Videos

Let's Know the Bible

  • Commentaries: Distinguishing One Commentary from Another 
  • Let's Know the Bible Episode 1: Hebrews
  • Let's Know the Bible Episode 2: Mark
  • The Letter of Jude
    • Part One: Authorship
    • Part Two: Genre
    • Part Three: Occasion
    • Part Four: Jude 5-16
    • Part Five: Jude 3-4, 17-23
    • Part Six: Jude 1-2, 24-25 

A Pastor's Resource Review

  • Charts on the Book of Hebrews, an interview with Pastor Tim Sprankle.
  • Interpreting the Psalms for Teaching & Preaching, an interview with Pastor Lee Compson. 

A Pastor's Study Beyond the Sermon

  • "The Inconspicuous Adam: Why the First Adam Fades from Israel's Memory and its Meaning for Today," an interview with Pastor Tim Sprankle.

A Pastor's Education

  • Choosing a Seminary
    • Part One: Before a Campus Visit
    • Part Two: The Campus Visit
    • Part Three: After the Campus Visit
  • The Pastor's Survival Guide an interview with podcast hosts Aaron Peer and Scott Barger 


All CCBS videos may be accessed via the YouTube icon in the upper right hand corner of this page.




Jesus the Messiah

Four Views on the Warning Passages in Hebrews Translating Jude Clause by Clause

Charts on the Book of Hebrews

Interpreting The General Letters
Jesus the Messiah by Herbert Bateman Four Views on the Warning Passages in Hebrews by Herbert Bateman Translating Jude Clause by Clause by Herbert Bateman Charts on the Book of Hebrews Interpreting The General Letters: An Exegetical Handbook by Herbert Bateman